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Provide customers with a better logistics experience to help cross-border e-commerce vendors reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Become a respectable and trusted global enterprise
Why choose us?
Trunk Transport Resources
Overseas Resources
Service Assurance
New Silk Road
  • Why choose us?
  • Trunk Transport Resources
  • Overseas Resources
  • Service Assurance
  • New Silk Road
Why choose us?
Nova has developed core products such as leading Russian railway special lines, Russian overseas warehouses, European railway special lines, European truck express lines and European maritime special lines. And relying on the rich experience in cross-border e-commerce logistics, we have further developed the US Air Line, US Maritime Line and so on.
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Trunk Transport Resources
Trunk Transport Resources TRUNK TRANSPORTATION Trunk Transport Resources The company's founding team is a cross-border complementary international team, well-known in logistics, platforms, technology, customs and taxation. The core team has more than 10 years experience in cross-border logistics, and is proficient in marine, air and Central European classes, road transport, international express and other services. It has maintained close cooperation with the platforms of Euro-Ban-Le, Euro-Ban-Le and Chang'an for many years. In Russia, Belarus has its own international automobile fleet. Sign up with airline express companies such as UPS, DHL, RU, SU, TK, etc. to guarantee peak season space.
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Overseas Resources
Belarus, Russia and Poland all along the Belarus and all the way have branches and offices. Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and other places have worked closely with customs clearance teams for many years. Overseas warehouse resources in Russia, Belarus, Poland and other places. Russia CDEK, CSE, Europe UPS, DPD, GLS advantage express account resources.
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Service Assurance
Provides safe, reliable and environmentally friendly freight services for cross-border e-commerce vendors, while LCL and FCL services are available for selection.
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For cross-border e-commerce sellers

Comprehensive, high-quality, time stable and cost-effective cross-border logistics services help cross-border e-commerce sellers optimize the supply chain, reduce logistics costs, avoid the risk of out of stock, worry free replenishment and sell products
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Service guarantee

Familiar with logistics, platform, technology, customs affairs and taxation, the core team has more than 10 years of cross-border logistics experience
  • Price transparency

    Mobile phone one click query, real-time and transparent price
  • Convenient operation

    Double system one button order, simple steps, time and trouble saving
  • Aging stability

    Select high-quality transportation routes, with stable timeliness and compensation for delay
  • Real time tracking

    Track in real time and know the cargo transportation situation at the first time
  • Risk warning

    Intelligent early warning in the whole process, prompt and handle risks in time
  • VIP service

    One to one VIP service to ensure the safety of goods in the whole process

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